Equipping leaders in the pursuit of wholeness or shalom,

which will then reverberate into your families as well as the organizations and communities you serve.



Dr. Autumn here! As a coach and author specializing in leadership and wellness, my commitment lies in fostering comprehensive growth and holistic well-being for everyone.

Join me as we explore the concept of holistic alignment at both the individual and societal levels. Receive a framework for increasing your personal sustainability, well-being, and impact.

My desire is to equip you with practical steps and inspiration for growing your capacity and fulfillment as a leader. In our journey toward wholeness or shalom we'll explore various dimensions of your well-being, including spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, and economic aspects. We will also explore how spiritual formation influences every facet of our well-being, ultimately guiding us towards a life of flourishing even in the midst of life’s greatest stressers and challenges.


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Aligned Living isn't just another program; it's a transformative journey designed to expand your capacity and fulfillment as a leader.

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My offerings.

Our approach revolves around adopting a holistic and sustainable perspective on well-being considering its correlation with every facet of a leader's life and the various components within an organization. Our lives operate as an integrated system, hence, the greater our alignment, the more effectively we function as teams. Moreover, enhancing our capacity and fulfilment as leaders is a natural outcome of this alignment.

I recognize that leaders and teams originate from diverse contexts and possess varying objectives. Therefore, I am delighted to provide you with a range of options to assist you and your team in striving for increased shalom or wholeness.

A half-day training session with the choice of additional cohort follow-up and coaching sessions. This option can easily be customized to fit your needs if you have something specific in mind. Please reach out to connect.

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Retreat-style workshop, offering an intensive experience for leaders seeking the opportunity to create a sustainable plan over a single weekend, allowing ample space for reflection and strategizing.

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A one-hour catalyst talk/training designed to introduce the topic and provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to determine the most suitable next steps for their journey forward. This option fits well as an add on for leadership summits.

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No matter which option you feel aligns best with your needs or those of your team, I urge you to take the first step today by joining the Aligned Living Community. Membership grants you access to a comprehensive course that you can navigate at your own pace, complemented by coaching, a nurturing community, and accountability support whenever you require it. Start your journey towards growth and fulfillment now with us.

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Meet Dr. Autumn

Dr. Autumn Swain is an entrepreneur, educator, and author, as well as a mom and devoted community member focused on empowering people to live holistically healthy lives. With a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, her passions include discovering and integrating sustainable strategies that help individuals and teams achieve a greater level of wholeness and shalom, and supporting leadership development among youth and families, which she discusses in depth in her book, The Playground Leader.

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The Playground Leader equips the entire team, whether a family, classroom, or arena, with tools for the development of key leadership qualities and character development in our youth bringing about so much hope not just for the future, but for today! Don’t be surprised when you, the reader, walk away being challenged yourself.

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